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Tile Refinishing in Seattle
Tile Refinishing

Dingy tiles bring up the question of whether to replace or live with it until it's no longer a bother. Both are very far from the ideal option, which is easily affordable and, when done by us, of exceptional quality. Our tile refinishing services have a fully restorative effect.

A tight budget shouldn't stop you from having the finest aesthetic tastes for your tile. And with us, it doesn't. We can refinish your tile bathroom countertop or floor to an unmatched standard in Seattle and the surrounding areas!

Refinished tiles in a bathroom.
Tile Refinishing
Why Choose Precision Resurfacing for Tile Refinishing?

Save Time

In the bathroom or in the heart of the home, the kitchen, waiting weeks for a tile remodel throws life upside down. Always, it takes more time than the hapless homeowner thought for the contractor to remove the tiles and install new ones. It's a needless process that you can cut impressively short with refinishing. Instead of ripping out your tiles, let us refinish them in 24 hours. You'll be glad you did. You'll be able to keep entering these important rooms within your house.


Home improvements don't have to break the bank. A fresh look for your tiles that you're proud to show off is achievable at a fraction of the cost of new tiling.

​Tile Refinishing in Seattle from the local experts

Just like our bathtub services, our tile refinishing in Seattle is top-rated. Precision Resurfacing offers affordable and excellent workmanship that can save you more than half of what you'd spend to install new tile work. We take great pride in our professional craftsmanship, making sure each tile is refinished to perfection. Find the quality you're seeking without the high price tag of a new installation.

Eco-Friendly Option

Landfill wastes and our carbon footprint are concerns we all share today more than ever. Tile refinishing, as opposed to complete tile remodeling, is the more eco-friendly option. Your tile is restored to its original condition without the dingy look and without any harmful impact to our environment.

Weeks of remodeling are no one's cup of tea. Tile refinishing is a perfect alternative that brings your tile's full luster back. Our miracle method never ceases to make even the dingiest tiling magazine-worthy.

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