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Bathtub Reglazing

It's common, even special, to have a bathtub as old as your home. But it does mean that the bathtub will show many unpleasant signs of age. The question becomes whether to replace it or reglaze.

Reglazing is the finer option. Removing the bathtub and refitting a new one is a complicated job that is not to be underestimated. It means many plumbing and replacement pieces will be necessary. And, even for the most affordable of bathtubs, the cost of installation always comes up more than that of simple, yet effective, bathtub reglazing. Precision Resurfacing's affordable bathroom reglazing is so much easier, and it gives your bathtub what feels like an entirely new lifetime with you.

A reglazed bathtub.
Bathtub Reglazing in Seattle
Why Choose Precision Resurfacing for Bathtub Reglazing in Seattle, WA?

Save Your Money

Bathroom reglazing lets you update your bathroom while saving money. It's considerably cheaper than buying a new tub and paying for installation. And it gives your tub the spotless new lease on life you're looking for. The cost of purchasing a new tub can seem deceptively low. Just $400 and you could have a reasonably nice one. But that expense is not alone. The old bathtub needs to be taken out along with fixtures and plumbing. That may require removing the door. Then the new tub requires fitting. It adds up. And it's not necessary.

Reglazing gets you the stunning result you want without the needless costs.

Restore the Appearance

Long luxurious baths lose their appeal when your bathroom bears the marks of age. Replacement is an option, but you know the cost and difficulties. Your bathroom's appearance is not lost. It's not even hard to bring back in its fullness. The dullest and most stained bathrooms can look and shine as they did in their very first days. Exceptional reglazing techniques from Precision Surfacing, otherwise known as our miracle method, make it possible and easy on the wallet.

Eco-Friendly Option

We're all becoming wiser consumers today. And we rightly feel proud of ourselves when we avoid an unnecessary contribution to landfills and our carbon footprint. Reglaze your bathtub so you make one more big environmentally responsible decision. With a bathroom that is new in every visual way and to the touch at every point, there is nothing to weigh. It's simply a service to our environment without any sacrifice.

Precision Resurfacing, the leader of bathtub solutions in Seattle, uses a not-to-be-missed miracle method to reglaze your bathtub to a state totally identical to when first bought. Even better, it's a great money saver. We save you money while protecting the environment. Have a little more faith in your bathtub even if it's fallen into a very unpleasant state. Reglazing from Precision Resurfacing can make it, as we have done countless times, like it like was on the showroom floor.

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