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Precision Resurfacing

Bathtub, Tile and Shower Refinishing Contractor Serving Seattle and the Surrounding Area

Need Bathtub, Tile or Shower Refinishing in Seattle and Surrounding Cities?
Get it done affordably and by known experts with Precision Resurfacing.

You might remember how your bathtub once gleamed with style. It felt fresh, elegant, and new. When you soaked inside, you never failed to feel likewise. Although the years bring a sense of familiarity and added affection for this wonderful feature of the home, that's sadly accompanied by wear and tear. The love remains, but not the beauty.

Now, this doesn't mean a complete renovation is at all necessary. The bathtub that's been a part of some of your most relaxing moments is not gone. It's hidden behind those unsightly signs of the passing years. It can be so easily and so affordably restored.

Precision Resurfacing has gained a reputation as the best bathtub refinishing company in Seattle and surrounding areas to call for exceptional bathtub restoration. Your tub is in safe and perfectly renewing hands with us.

A bathroom after resurfacing.
Featured Seattle bathtub refinishing services.
What we do to restore your bathtub's elegance.

Each job, whether commercial or residential, is very serious for us. Only the highest quality is acceptable. With dependable work, timely service, and intentional cost-effectiveness, we consistently meet our goal of complete customer satisfaction.

What our clients say
Recent Precision Resurfacing clients adore their new bathrooms!

Our motivation comes down to providing our clients with a bathtub that transforms their bathroom through the power of refinishing, offering the greatest affordability anywhere, and seeing only total satisfaction. We're pleased that we consistently achieve all three.

"Precision Resurfacing Transformed our cast-iron bathtub from a badly painted decades-old eyesore into a brand new jewel of a tub... Tony ground it down and resurfaced it into what looks and acts like a brand new enamel tub."

Richard Smith

"The tub looks fantastic. The admin was very responsive and professional. Looks like a brand new tub. The tech took his time and did the job right. It took longer than he thought, but no uncharge. Highly recommend."

Peter Ide

"Anar was really thorough with what needed to be done and stayed within the time and cost that he estimated, which I appreciate. He also will be doing the tile and new sink! Highly recommend."

Bill Wolford
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