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About Precision Resurfacing
The miracle method for bathtub refinishing in Seattle.

We are top-rated bathtub refinishing contractors. Our services include porcelain repair, bathtub repair, cast iron bathtub refinishing, clawfoot tub refinishing, and much more we're excited to tell you.

With us, there is no need to get rid of the bathtub that, ready for you each relaxing evening, silently witnessed dear and sweet memories in your home. And there's certainly no reason to lose thousands of dollars hand over fist when your current bathroom can be just like new in under 24 hours. Precision Resurfacing's miracle method is every bathtub's fresh breath of life. The original shine and texture that made every bath inviting can easily be yours again.

A bathtub that was recently refinished.

Who else to trust so confidently with your bathtub?
Great-as-new bathtub. Easily affordable.

Bathtub repair and refinishing in Seattle, WA, bring back all the charm your bathtub once had, even some that has slipped out of memory. And they keep money in your wallet, which is among our firmly held commitments to our customers.

We're contractors who see things from your point of view. Your home improvements, not least this one, are an investment into your home's market value. While our passion for quality is unshakeable, knowing that is extra motivation to do a job you'll love. Care and accuracy like ours are a unique trademark among bathroom remodelers in Seattle.

A repaired and refinished tub.

We'll start you off with a free quote and a special bonus!