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Commercial Bathtub Refinishing

It's not news that location and looks matter for any commercial property owner. One look at stained, cracked, and chipped bathroom fixtures and a customer may be so put off they never return. It may not feel fair, but it's true. There's also the unpleasant matter of negative reviews and widely shared pictures.

We only bring this up because our relationships with customers go beyond their bathtubs. We care that they succeed. For commercial properties, a good bathtub helps customers feel comfortable and at ease. Customers leave hospitality and beauty centers feeling more rejuvanted. Guests leave hotel and rental properties with a pleasant memory of their time. It ensures that customers feel welcome.

A bathtub in a hotel.
Commercial Bathtub Refinishing in seattle
Why Choose Precision Resurfacing for Commercial Bathtub Refinishing in Seattle, WA?

Highly Cost-Efficient

Smart business is all about looking for ways to save money. No doubt, you have your own cost-efficient strategies for that purpose. And now, commercial bathroom refinishing in Seattle can be among them. Our well-known miracle method is a money saving technique you'll be proud to have used. Purchasing new bathtubs, especially many at a time, is a common stress trigger with the thousands of dollars that go into the original cost and installation.

Highly Time-Efficient

Hotel, guesthouse, or spa owners are among those for whom a bathtub is right at the heart of the business. When there are no bathtubs for customers to use, business is at a halt. The great advantage of commercial bathtub refinishing is you can delight customers the following morning without ever having disrupted your business. Time is indeed money, and with us, your bathtubs are no reason for it to stop flowing. If anything, our cost-efficiency means you keep more of it. And pleased customers will certainly return to keep the business flourishing.

Much Less Complicated

Because you are dealing with plumbing, bathroom remodels can easily turn out to be a mess. For a commercial property owner, the cost includes both cash and lost focus. Even for a short while, the two can put your business off-course. We enjoy taking that burden off your shoulders so your attention is where it can truly benefit your business.

Bathtub installations take time and often require new plumbing to accommodate the bathtub. It's also common to have to remove other fixtures to make way for the old bathtub's removal and the new one's entry. Other responsibilities include new tile installation, bathroom door removal, toilet reconfiguration. It's as tedious as it sounds. But we can streamline it all into a far simpler yet equally rewarding procedure when you hire us for fast and affordable commercial bathtub refinishing in Seattle.

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