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The Premier Residential Bathtub Refinisher in Seattle, WA

The chips, scratches, stains, and dullness tell the story of the years. They tell of days and nights spent in warm and quiet relaxation. But with the bathtub not looking so nice anymore, such baths don't happen much these days. You wonder what happened to that special part of your evenings, when you could steal away into warmth and ease, away from the world and in perfect calm.

And now, it's possible to bring those days back! It's possible for a nice, long bath to be an excitedly awaited highlight of each day. With every stain and every hint of discoloration gone, your bathroom regains that charm that made it a great joy to relax in. It's possible for your bathroom to return to that state with affordability we are proud you get to enjoy!

A bathroom in a home that was recently refinished.
Residential Bathtub refinishing in seattle
Why Choose Precision Resurfacing for Residential Bathtub Refinishing and Resurfacing in Seattle, Washington?

Save Your Money

It's not necessary for home improvements or upgrades to come at a cost that makes the homeowner wince. Cost-effective and professional strategies can achieve exactly the desired look with no compromise to speak of. Especially for bathtubs, replacement is often a premature decision made because there was sadly too little information. Refinishing at the hands of professionals uncovers all the shine and glam of the bathtub as if it were just freshly installed.

Save Your Time

Hours spent researching and finding a good plumber are also unnecessary. While Precision Resurfacing can proudly complete any refinishing project in under 24 hours, the same is not true for replacement. With a complicated style and dimensions, it's at least a week before installation. Although that may be the impression from afar, bathtub replacement is more than lifting and insertion. Even if it's only a new bathtub the homeowner desires, the process commonly involves floor and tiling renovations to accommodate new dimensions. It can also be necessary to remove the door to get the old bathtub out and new one in.

Yet, the result is the same.

Enhance Your Original Investment

Besides recognizing that refinishing is a far better investment of time and money, there are those among us who love their bathtub. Who can bear to lose an irreplaceable antique? In which case, our clawfoot tub refinishing in Seattle can reclaim its appeal. And what a disappointment it always turns out to be to replace a lovely bathtub with an inferior one. Our miracle method hasn't failed a bathtub yet. So restore the quality bathtub you have and enhance your original investment. It still has so much to offer.

Worry no more about chips, scratches and dull porcelain repair because Precision Resurfacing's exceptional workmanship is yours to enjoy. We can perform and complete the project in under 24 hours. Be assured, our quality workmanship is proven and our bathtub refinishing and repair is purposely affordable.

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